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Electronic Vehicle Identification

Electronic Vehicle Identification. Secure and well-designed.

Electronic Vehicle Identification

Electronic Vehicle Identification. Secure and well-designed.

Electronic Vehicle Identification (EVI) denotes the unique identification of a vehicle using hardware and software based on RFID technology. It enables the wireless communication of, for example, cars, HGVs and motorbikes with authorised readers. This makes EVI the basis for various applications such as access controls, traffic management, contactless payment or toll systems. Simultaneously, it serves to prevent crime by protecting against vehicle theft and license plate forgery and helps with tax collection in general.

As a globally active company with several decades of experience in the field of vehicle identification, TÖNNJES has specialised in EVI. To this end, we have developed the IDePLATE system, which consists of, among other things, the IDePLATE license plate and the IDeSTIX windscreen sticker. Both products contain a RAIN RFID chip that can be read in both stationary and moving traffic. We firmly believe that our certified system solutions increase safety on the roads worldwide, while enabling the authorities and registration offices to work much more efficiently and reliably.

EVI - RFID Technology

IDePLATE – the license plate of the future

The high-tech alternative to the conventional license plate

Completely unique: At first glance, the IDePLATE – which is available in various country-specific versions – looks like a conventional vehicle license plate. But the embossed aluminium license plate contains a RAIN RFID chip that stores a unique, multi-encrypted identification license. This is a passive, contactless chip that is also used, for example, in debit (EC) cards or identity cards. If a vehicle is detected by an authorised reader (mobile or stationary), it recognises the identification license on the chip.

The police or authorities can then compare this with the central database using the IDeTRUST middleware. Recognition is, therefore, no longer simply visual, but also electronic. Subsequently, authentication is no longer dependent on visibility or weather conditions and is thus significantly more reliable. Of course, the IDePLATE is also suitable for toll systems, access controls and fleet management, as well as for many other smart mobility applications.

“The IDePLATE system is our answer to the increasing license of vehicles worldwide. We have developed a digital alternative to the traditional vehicle license plate, which offers the highest level of security, is ready for a host of smart mobility applications and can be integrated into existing systems.”

Jochen Betz, Managing Director TÖNNJES

IDeSTIX – once applied, twice protected

Efficient. Modern. Straightforward.

The IDeSTIX is a high-quality security vignette with an integrated RAIN RFID chip that works on the same principle as the IDePLATE. In combination with the electronic license plate, protection against forgery is significantly increased. However, it can also be used on its own. The IDeSTIX, which self-destructs when removed, is attached on the windscreen from the inside.

In addition to the RAIN RFID chip, the IDeSTIX can be supplemented with other security elements such as, for example, holograms or a graphic and digital signature in the form of a QR code. This EVI product is also of interest for the commercial sector: Arabian oil company Saudi Aramco uses the windscreen sticker to manage the various access routes for employees on the company’s premises.

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IDeSTIX Headlamp Tag - the electronic identifier for motorcycles

Innovative and flexible.

In addition to the IDeSTIX for car windscreens, TÖNNJES has developed another variant of the RAIN RFID sticker, especially for motorised two-wheel vehicles. The IDeSTIX Headlamp Tag is stuck onto the front headlamp, and also makes it possible to identify the vehicle from the front, as it only has a number plate on the back. Like the IDeSTIX, the Headlamp Tag has a built-in RAIN RFID chip and allows for safe and contact-free identification of the motorcycle in stationary or moving traffic – even at high speeds.

Furthermore, the narrow sticker can be personalised, the vehicle information and a digital signature can be added in the form of a QR code, which can easily be verified using a smartphone. Especially in countries with a high number of motorcycles and scooters, the IDeSTIX Headlamp Tag is an efficient solution for reliably registering and identifying motorised two-wheel vehicles.

A system provider with experience

We make vehicle recognition digital. At all levels.





We make it our mission to give vehicles an identity around the globe. And in a way that is as safe, modern and efficient as possible. We can adapt our services to the customer’s needs on a modular basis, entirely independent of country-specific requirements and the status quo of the respective registration system. On the one hand, we offer hardware and software for electronic vehicle identification and, on the other hand, we provide support in setting up and managing an owner register.

We also provide technology and machines for the production and personalisation of license plates and RFID vignettes, as well as offering our expertise if required. We deliberately avoid simply exporting our products, choosing rather to participate around the globe in local joint ventures in order to implement our projects as part of a collaborative effort and in the long-term.

EVI – the basis for smart applications

Access controls

Completely contactless: When equipped with an IDePLATE or IDeSTIX, barriers or gates open automatically for vehicles – provided they are authorised to do so. An additional badge or key is no longer needed to allow users access to certain areas.


Tolling systems can be implemented reliably and efficiently with the IDePLATE or IDeSTIX. Vehicles passing through stationary readers are detected directly – even when moving at high speeds. The secure and unique identification also enables a link-up with payment systems in the background.

Smart City preview picture

Smart City

Low emission zones, congestion measurements and traffic guidance systems – reliable traffic management is essential, especially in large cities and conurbations. Our EVI products can deliver real-time, anonymous data that helps understand and manage increased traffic volumes.

Further applications

Section control
Parking systems
Ticket management
Fleet management
Border controls
Speed checks